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I’m a physiotherapist with more than 25 years of clinical experience in Orthopaedic, Sports Related Injuries, Women’s Health, Geriatrics and Ergonomics.

In my practise I use EPA (ElectroPhysical Agents) and Therapeutic Exercise. I am also trained in different techniques like Myofascial Release, Muscle Activation, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation besides Dry Needling, K taping and Software based Ergonomics Evaluation.

I can help you with

Pain management

Pain is a physiological response to an injury, an inflammatory process, nerve irritation or a behavioural response to stress.

Muscle weakness

Muscle weakness is commonly seen after fractures, strokes and even in people who lead sedentary lives. 

Joint stiffness

Joint stiffness happens after injuries and post surgery. Joint stiffness is possible without any previous history of injury.

Post-surgery rehab

The mainstay of treatment after joint replacement and other surgeries is exercises to improve joint range, EPA to reduce inflammation & improve mobility.


Stroke management requires functional rehabilitation of the patient with exercises, adaptations in the house and at work, speech therapy and aids.

Sports injuries

Trauma, overuse, wrong technique can lead to sports injuries which affect muscles, joints, ligaments. They could be acute or chronic.

Women's health

Women need tailored fitness programs, antenatal and postnatal exercises to help with osteoporosis, degenerative arthritis among others. 

Ergonomics & posture

Sitting at work for long hours causes poor posture, headaches and fatigue. With posture correction and ergonomics, these problems can be overcome.


Fitness is a combination of power, strength, balance, flexibility, agility and stamina. It allows us to lead a fulfilling life.

Find me at

Talwar Medical Centre

M-139 Greater Kailash – 2
New Delhi – 110048

Phone Numbers

Telephone: 011-43794200
Telephone: 011-29216441
Mobile: +91 8826184435

Monday – Saturday
9am – 1pm & 4pm – 7pm

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